Ever since we were founded in 2014 we here at Devlos Software Inc. have been dedicated to the creation of custom software solutions for companies of all sizes.

We work to streamline current processes by working closely with professional businesses to create custom, intuitive, and efficient solutions for both the employee and user. 

Our philosophy is to anticipate what's coming next. We use forward-thinking development methodologies, and believe in workflow-based design. We want to create elegant solutions that increase the productivity of your business, while reducing the overall costs.

Our team

Co-Founder & Operations Lead

Alan has held various roles in the legal software space for over 15 years. Most recently as Director of Product Management at LexisNexis. His skill at translating business issues into customer solutions is an invaluable asset to Devlos's leadership.

Co-Founder & Technical Lead

Doug was a partner at Alumni Computer Group where he was the Lead Architect for LexisNexis PCLaw for 27 years. His intensive technical knowledge of the legal software industry keeps our products at the top of their game.

Director of Professional Services

Dean has held various software development and data conversion roles in the Legal and Payroll industries for over 25 years. He is an important pillar in developing the features of our software solutions.

Lauren Benthin
Marketing & Creative Lead

Lauren is our consulting designer. She works to make sure Devlos puts its best face forward both to our clients and our partners. Her keen eye for detail and training in UX/UI design ensures our systems are usable by all.

MATThew McLennAn
Software Developer

Matt is a former investment analyst and full-stack developer whose focus is on enhancing the user's experience through front-end development. He works tirelessly to ensure our solutions best suit the needs of our clients.

Reception & Security Services

Hailing from Holland and earning himself a reputation in the workplace as a "good boy",  Rook is a rare breed indeed. His endless enthusiasm and interpersonal skills make him a hit with both his clients and his colleagues.