Time Entry:

Soluno™ features an easily accessible and simple-to-use time sheet that lets you record billable and non-billable time entries as well as flat fees. UTBMS codes are integrated into the system for seamless billing of task-based matters.

There is a also a timer and quick entry popup window feature that you can access while performing other tasks.

Entries can also be imported with an integrated process that is as easy as dragging and dropping a file.

Expense entry

The expense entry function is designed to record non-cash client expenses. Taxes and categorization of entries flow automatically to the invoices. Like time entries, a quick entry feature exists along with the ability to import data from other third party systems.


Many firms have asked for the ability to show their "other" services in another section of the bill. They are not considered fees nor are they considered expenses. Soluno easily allows you break these charges out on the invoice.

Split billing

If you've ever done split billing in another system, then you know that it can be a complicated process. Soluno has made solving this problem a priority! With the ability to create contact groups and then assign percentages on a per file basis we make split billing simple. Soluno even keeps track of payments/receivables by party within the case. Fees and charges can be split or directed to a specific party. Directed charges are great when one party has an NSF payment and you don't want the service charge split. Individual parties can be a member of multiple groups so you don't have to duplicate contact information. Groups can contain groups so that even the complex scenarios can be easily managed.


Whatever type of accounting method you use, you can get accurate receivable, payment and adjustment reports that will reconcile with your financial statements. Adjustments to invoices in closed periods will automatically adjust payment allocations under cash and adjust your outstanding receivables under accrual. Your numbers will always reconcile!


We've dramatically simplified the billing process whether you perform on-demand or mass billing. It's so easy that many firms can generate their first professional looking bill within an hour of starting.

For mass billing, you can set file criteria to filter out those files not ready to be invoiced. There is an optional review step that allows you to view the list of files that met the rules and what files didn't. During the review you can decide to change their status or even perform a one-step create and write-off invoice. Great if you have a small charge that you are not worried about invoicing.

If you desire, you can edit charges or even add new charges during the review process. Totals are automatically updated and you can instantly get an updated PDF without having to start over. For those that use trust, you can have a transfer automatically performed during the billing process.

The work flow can be as simple as one step to create a bill or mutli-step/multi-person depending on your needs. For firms using the multi-step process, notifications are used to make people aware they need to do something and charges are locked in so that new entries can't "sneak in" as the invoice is finalized.


Many billing arrangements are supported in Soluno. Flat-fee, task-based, and time-based billing is supported. You can even configure your first bill to behave differently than subsequent bills. Your firm's billing rules can be set globally with many values optionally set in each file. Many thresholds can also be set so the system can warn you before you do something that will cost you money. 


With our dynamic layout technology, the standard invoices produced are sufficient for many firms without the need for multiple templates or layouts. For instance, hours will only be shown if they are present on the invoice; if there are no hours, we remove the column and adjust the rest of the fee section to keep it looking great. However, our best logic may not suit your firm’s needs, so we allow a number of tweaks to be done as simply as a single click.  When that still isn't enough, you can embed your own HTML in many areas of the invoice for even more control. Even these more complex customizations can often be done in minutes without the need of complicated tools.


Whether printed or emailed, the client receives a professional and EASY TO READ invoice that is tailored to your needs. If the client has multiple files or belongs to multiple split billing files, the client's invoices are automatically collated and a summary page created. 

For split bills, the invoice will show each client only their individual history of payments, charges, and trust activity.

For Canadians, HST is charged based upon the taxable status of the file and individual charges. The information automatically flows into our HST/GST report so that you are always in compliance.