Time Entry:

Soluno™ features an easily accessible and simple-to-use time sheet that lets you record billable and non-billable time entries as well as flat fees. UTBMS codes are integrated into the system for seamless billing of task-based matters.

Expense entry

The expense entry function is designed to record non-cash client expenses and legal research charges. Thanks to Soluno™ and its dynamic entry update system, any charge made will appear on the ledger, ready for billing.

Check Writing:

Printing checks, paying bills, and advancing client costs are all integrated into one easy-to-use function. Soluno™ will automatcially update the Journals, Ledges, and general ledgers that were altered so all your balances stay up-to-date.

flexible billing options:

Soluno™'s flexible billing options allow for files to be billed to suit the needs of your firm. This includes options like: individual and mass billing; billing by timekeeper; and billing by area of practice. Soluno™ supports flat-fee, task-based, contingency, and retainer billing in addition to the capability for split-billing and e-billing. However you need to sent an invoice, Soluno™ is ready to go!