INNovative technology


There are two Soluno™ products:  Soluno for Practices and Soluno for Partners. Soluno for Practices is optimized to be easily installed and maintained on your own server or computer; even a laptop can work. Soluno for Partners is designed for hosting companies that will support multiple firms in their cloud environment. Both Soluno solutions present the same user experience to the users so the right choice is dependent on your firm's priorities:  IT convenience, IT costs, performance, and security.

Soluno is accessed using your device's modern browser, that means it doesn't matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS, Android or even Linux on your device. Using responsive design techniques, Soluno adapts to the device you are using so you can run the browser on you desktop with a large monitor, or on your laptop, or or on a small phone screen and still have a good user experience.

Whether you choose to install Soluno on your own computer or select a cloud provider, the entire firm can be up and running in under 20 minutes. Updates often take under 5 minutes so disruptions to your firm may never be noticed.

Follow-ME, snapshot, AND AUTO RESUME

We designed Soluno knowing that distractions are a part of work life. In many applications, stopping an active task can lead to lost information, duplicating work effort, and potentially lost revenue. To minimize this pain, we created our Follow-Me and SnapShot technologies..

The Follow-Me feature ensures that if you exit Soluno and then resume at a later time, you will be taken to the exact screen where you left off - even if you change devices. You don't have to remember what you were doing or spend time "clicking" back to the screen.

Most screens within Soluno implement our SnapShot feature. As you enter information, a "snap shot" of what you are doing is saved so that as you move between features you won't lose information.

The Follow-Me and SnapShot services work together so that when you log in, you are not only taken to the screen you were previously at, but the screen will be filled in as if you never left.

A number of programs implement some form of drill-down where you can get detailed information on an item by clicking it. Often that takes you away form the current screen to another screen. Soluno also implements drill down, but takes it one step further. Our auto-resume technology means that when you are done "drilling down", you will automatically be returned to the previous screen. If you changed the entry then the changes will will either be automatically reflected or you are given a choice to refresh - whichever is more appropriate.

security and PRIVACY:

Security and privacy concerns are often overlooked features when choosing an accounting package. At Devlos we don't think many Vendors go far enough in protecting your confidential data. Legacy packages often have very weak protection. They rely on the fact that the software is installed on-premise, behind a hardened firewall. Since law firms are not in the IT business, they often don't use enterprise-grade hardware nor do the latest security patches get applied quickly. Even cloud providers may feel their data is safely secured behind their firewall and protected by their database software. As we are constantly reminded in the news, hackers seem to find a way into "closed" systems making that simple level of protection inadequate.

Soluno encrypts all fields that may contain privacy information so that if access to the database is obtained it would take a targeted and large effort to access the information in a useful way. Even in a hosted environment, every firm's data is isolated and uses unique keys for the decryption process. It is just another level of protection that other software often forgets about.

CLOUD, ON-PREMISE and portable data

Choosing a solution today that has to work five years from now, is a big decision. Many firms struggle with the questions: "Do we want to move to the cloud?" , "If we do go to the cloud and don't like it, what would we do?", and "If we don't move to the cloud, are we limiting ourselves?" Soluno not only provides both cloud and on-premise solutions, but you can move between them! You own your data regardless of where it is located. It is a simple matter to backup your data in one location and restore it at another location. Once the restore is accomplished, you can be up and running in minutes. So our answer to all these questions is: "Do what is right for you today and if you want to change later, no problem!" We don't think there is another package that can offer that.

Another benefit to having your data portable, as opposed to switching packages, is that there are no conversions involved and no new training costs. With Soluno, you just enter the new URL into your browser and login as usual - everything will be where you left it!