Soluno has the accounts payable fundamentals that help you manage your cash flow! You can allocate your payables to files, conveniently pay multiple invoices all at once with the batch-pay feature, and access a list of comprehensive reports. Soluno also offers the ability to have vendor arrangements for discounts and surcharges.


Don't slow down your billing processes - record expenses for clients before you receive a payable invoice. Simply link existing expenses to your payable so that you can keep your payments and expenses up to date.

Uploaded .pdf documents for payables associated with a client can automatically be attached as an appendix to their invoices. No more printing, scanning and emailing - Soluno makes this whole process digital!

In addition Soluno will give you notifications when a client pays you so that you know you can now pay the associated payable.

Integration with billing

If your firm uses outside council that gets paid when you bill your client, Soluno's auto-create payable feature could save you a lot of time and money. When a bill is created, a payable for the outside council can be created based on the hours worked or their billed amount. This allows you to reconcile any statements that your outside council may provide you.

If you're running the accrual accounting method, having a liability (the payable) instantly offsets the asset (the receivable) - this may save you taxes.