Usage Based Licensing

You only pay for what you actually use!
Your firm may have a mix of full time employees, part time employees and contractors. Unlike many systems, with Soluno™ you don't need a license for every user that has to be maintained in the system and you don't need a license for each occasional user.

Our two licensing models, Standard and Shared, allow you to determine the best way to minimize your costs. In either mode, licenses are not pre-assigned but automatically assigned based on real usage at the end of each month.
StaNDARD Licensing
During the month, each user who uses the system requires a license. The next month a different set of users could be assigned the licenses - whatever saves you the most money.

You can still record work and generate reports for other users configured in the system.

Licenses are eligible for the greatest discounts with all costs fixed and predictable.

This model is ideal if everyone on staff at your firm is full time.  Staff that are no longer with you do not cost you money!
SHARED Licensing
You can enable/disable this mode from within the system as necessary; you do not need to call us to activate.

This model is an extension of the standard licensing model and designed if you have many part time or contract employees.

Each of your full-time staff require a license; full time being anyone who logs in on 15 or more days.

Additional licenses can be shared between occasional users, with each shared license good for 15 daily sessions. e.g. If you have 3 people that just come in for a total of 10 days in the month, you just need 1 additional license.

In this mode, you also can permit additional daily sessions to be purchased as needed. The daily rate is set to encourage licenses to be purchased, but for firms that have a very short spike in staffing or a single person who only comes in once or twice a month this can be a good option. At the end of the month, the additional sessions will be billed.

Licenses Calculator


Licenses Information:

Licenses Required:   

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* = requires enabling of shared license mode.
We know that this can be a little more confusing than the traditional pricing models many of our competitors offer, but it may save you money. If you need some more information, please contact us.