Canadian company

We are a Canadian company and our team members have worked with HST/GST/PST since its inception. We also know accrual accounting better than anyone in our market. Therefor, you can have the confidence that your charges will be taxed correctly and that you receive all the input tax credits you deserve. Our system was designed from the ground-up to keep you compliant with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).


When you open a file, the tax category and rates can easily be set to tell the system if the client is taxable, tax exempt or taxed at a different rate as they are out-of-province. When entering expenses on a file the tax status will be set accordingly, although you can override for those occasional exceptions, so that when the case is billed everything will be taken care of and the client will be charged exactly what is required. Fees are always taxed using the rate set in the file. Tax adjustments to invoices will be fully reflected so you won't have to pay the CRA tax you will never collect.


As you pay your bills, we keep track of the tax portion so that you can get all the input tax credit you deserve. We even track payments and refunds with the CRA so you don't need to perform complicated calculations when you remit.


No system does HST reporting better than Soluno. Even back dated or corrected entries into periods already submitted will flow through to our HST report properly. One report with the amounts that match your remittance form are clearly shown. No calculator required! Once finalized we store a pdf copy so that you can always see exactly what was remitted.


HST/GST is tracked separately in the General Ledger and updated according to your accounting method. Under accrual accounting, that means taxes that are invoiced are posted to the HST/GST liability account at the time of billing; not when the money is received from the client.